Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Mars, Venus, Westerns & More

We just bought a nice collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs titles, including some uncommon Westerns and some old Ace Books F-series mass market paperbacks from the early 1960s. About 30 titles in all, many with Frank Frazetta cover art. Burroughs' Tarzan titles seem to have had their day, but his John Carter of Mars series still sells well, perhaps because its characters make cameo appearances in Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Andrew Stanton, writer/director of Wall-E, is also apparently working on an animated John Carter movie. A related Burroughs series, Carson Napier of Venus, also sells well; again, many of the early Ace Venus books sport beautiful pastel-colored painted covers.

There are some pretty ugly print-on-demand versions of Burroughs' work available at the moment, so it's unsurprising that most readers prefer the classier old Ace editions.