Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lots of new books in house since Monday, including David Foster Wallace's much-requested Infinite Jest (above). As of last week, we now have accounts with twelve different North American book distributors, meaning we can order 99% of books currently in print, always at a discount -- usually 20% -- from their Canadian list price.

Q: Why the sudden headlong expansion into new books?

A: Many other Vancouver bookstores are cutting back their inventories in response to the so-called recession-depression-economic downturn. Fewer good new books equals fewer good used books, which makes it harder to keep the shop full of interesting used stock. Plus, if you buy a new book from us and don't read it in the tub, we will usually want to buy it back from you when you're done.

Q: Anything else coming soon?

A: All of Roberto Bolano's scarce titles. All of David Foster Wallace's books. Lots of mass market science fiction and fantasy (Scott Lynch; L.E. Modesitt; Orson Scott Card; George R.R. Martin; Stanislaw Lem). And a bunch of older titles by Georges Perec, finally available in Canada.