Friday, June 12, 2009


Pulpfiction Books turns 9 years old today!

Heartfelt thanks to all our current customers, and to everyone who has ever sold or traded us books, read in the front room, arrived with cold alcohol in tow, sent friends and/or family in to buy books, dated and/or moved in with a staff member, brought an animal by to "visit" (rabbits; birds; cats; dogs; ferrets; goat; turtle; stuffed cats), voted for us in a "Reader's Choice" poll, special ordered a book, picked up a special order, burned us a cool mix CD, borrowed the key to go look at CSA Space, arrived with donuts or croissants, written kind words about us in a local or international publication, provided legal, accounting or other professional services, helped bust a shoplifter, sold us a book with an odd or revealing photograph in it, talked comics / music / film / videogames / The Cure / unicorns / Steely Dan / photoconceptualism / poetry / points of issue at the desk, asked us for books about cats who solve mysteries, & etc.

Thanks, everyone. Thank you.