Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring @ PFB

Front door open, little pink cornflake-shaped petals from the cherry tree outside blowing in across the carpet.

Lots of new stock in-house. The blog wasn't updated last week because all our time was spent receiving and processing a collection of 1000+ scholarly books (Charles Olson; Ezra Pound much BC poetry and "little mags"), building a new set of shelves for the front room, to better display our ever-expanding selection of new books, and psyching ourselves up for another big collection of scholarly books, 12 or 15 boxes of them, that's arriving later today or early tomorrow.

New titles in house: all of Bruce Sterling's currently in-print pocket books, Raymond Chandler, David Goodis, Charles Willeford, Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son, in an affordable edition (as opposed to the $17CDN mass market paperback that exactly no one bought) , etc.