Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alexander MacLeod Reads @ PFB

Halifax resident Alexander Macleod will read from his Giller shortlisted debut collection of short fiction up at Main Street this Thursday, February 24th, from 7-9:30pm as part of the UBC Creative Writing program's monthly Locution series.  Admission's free, but we expect this event to be way beyond capacity.  If you want to get a seat, or to even squeeze in the front door, plan on arriving by 6:45pm at the latest.  Books and beverages available as usual.

In other news:

Q:  Why is this blog never updated?

A:  It's nuts here.  We probably took in between 400 and 500 books today, and sold just as many.  2011 is definitely turning out to be the busiest year in our going-on 11-year history.  Blogging's fun, but it comes way behind buying books, selling books, and sourcing books for customers.

Q:  Still taking special orders?

A:  Every day, like mad. We've even added some new distributors so that we can order scarce academic stuff, and mysteries, science fiction and fantasy titles previously only available in the UK.  And we're starting to experiment with sourcing out-of-print and antiquarian books on demand.  Want a $2500 US limited edition Hunter S. Thompson hardcover?  Come see us. Not only can we get it for you, we can likely save you some money in the process.

Q:  Kindle...Amazon...Nook...e-books?

A:  Not much of an issue here.  We're busy, happy, packed to the rafters with interesting stuff, and hiring new staff to keep up with the demand.  New lights installed at Main Street -- big hydro bill savings; more easily visible shelves! -- and lots of new titles in at Kits.

Q:  Still buying?

A:  Definitely!  Every day at both stores, up until 5pm.