Wednesday, March 18, 2020

COVID & PFB (The Short Version)

Just a short note to update you on how we @ PFB are handling the Corona pandemic.

All 3 of our shops remain OPEN for the foreseeable future, absent a "shelter in place" order from the city, province, or feds.

Please note that our hours have changed effective 3/21/2020, until further notice: 

Main Street 10am-7pm Mon-Sat, Sun 11am-7pm
Kits 11am-7pm Mon-Sun 
Commercial Drive 11am-7pm Mon-Sun 

We are sanitizing highly trafficked surfaces (door handles; debit machine pinpads, etc.), & not permitting more than 10 clients at a time in each location.

We are still actively buying and trading books at Main Street and Commercial Drive.  We are NOT currently buying at our Kits location.

Some folks may not want to come into the shop(s), but would still like to pick up books!  We can take orders by phone (604.876.4311), email ( or twitter (@pfbvan), and are mailing out and delivering packages every day.

$50+ at once gets free delivery anywhere from Pemberton to Hope, and we are happy to try to work smaller orders into our full time delivery driver's schedule at no additional charge.

I have also been asked, "What happens if you are legally required to close?"  If we're closed we're closed, along with everyone else for the duration of a legal closure, although in practice we will probably be around Main Street at least a few hours a day to answer email, take orders, prepare orders for delivery, & etc.

I think it is also important to mention that our staff will be paid, to the best of my ability, through any business closure, & not laid off en masse.  This is a moral, not legal requirement; I feel that this is the least I can do for the very talented and hard working folks who have chosen, for better or for worse, to join their fortunes with mine.

Please contact me directly if you have questions; I am almost always around.


Christopher Brayshaw
Owner, PFB