Thursday, October 19, 2017

PFB Events, October/November 2017: Jen Agg; Lynn Johnston

On Monday, October 23rd, Toronto's Jen Agg, author of I Hear She's A Real Bitch (Random House, 2017) and owner of Toronto's The Black Hoof, Grey Gardens, & etc., will be in house at 7pm to talk (for a while), answer questions & argue (for probably longer), drink wine (continuously), & maybe even sign some books.  I've read her book, & Agg is a business owner after my own heart -- smart, funny, possessed of real service standards, & ferociously opinionated.  If you'd like a seat, I recommend arriving c. 630pm for a 7pm start.  Both booze & books will be available in abundance.

On Thursday. November 9th, Lynn Johnston, creator of "For Better or For Worse," and one of the world's best living newspaper-strip cartoonists, will make a rare appearance at Main Street from 7-9pm, in conversation with Kurtis Findlay, her editor on IDW Books' new complete edition of For Better or For Worse.  This event will definitely be over capacity and we may have to turn people away if we max out the load limit on the floor!  Facebook event here, though please note that signing up on Facebook does not guarantee a seat; seating is strictly first-come, first-served, & showing up at 6pm for the 7pm start might not be a bad idea.  Free admission; books will be available for purchase.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

PFB Events: February 2017

Winter looks to be coming to an end, at least up at Main and Broadway. and we've lined up a variety of events for the remainder of the month, including one next week that will be standing-room only:

Next Saturday, 18 February, from 7 to 9pm, we're pleased to welcome Lawrence Weschler to Vancouver.  Weschler is a writer of creative nonfiction and 20+ year veteran of the New Yorker whose work encompasses visual-art criticism and in-depth profiles of figures like Robert Irwin, David Hockney, J.S.G. Boggs, and David Hildebrand Wilson and Diana Drake Wilson, co-founders of LA's Museum of Jurassic Technology.

On the 18th, Weschler will read from, and discuss, his latest book, Waves Passing in the Night: Walter Murch in the Land of the Astrophysicists (Bloomsbury, 2017), a profile of the legendary sound and film editor's other love, astrophysics, and, specifically, "the rehabilitation of Titius-Bode, a long-discredited 18th century theory regarding the patterns by which planets and moons array themselves in gravitational systems across the universe."

This event will be 100% packed out!  Admission is free, as is box wine & the deli tray, but I definitely suggest early arrival if you don't want to be standing halfway down the aisle.  And thanks to our friend Genevieve Fuji Johnson, for arranging Lawrence Weschler's visit.

On Thursday, 23 February, from 7 to 9pm, our friend Robin Bougie launches the 10th anniversary edition of his extreme cinema zine, Cinema Sewer, at Main Street.  Leave the kids at home, but come for chips, free wine, zines, and a variety of shock- & smut- related merch and door prizes.

On Friday, 24 February, we're down at SFU Woodwards for the launch of Jaleh Mansoor's Marshall Plan Modernism (Duke UP, 2017). Free admission.

Finally, because I can never close these letters without a recommendation, Eden Robinson, author of Monkey Beach, a perennial PFB favorite, has just released a new novel, Son of a Trickster, which reads like an extended riff on Twin Peaks, but with First Nations spirit beings stalking around an otherwise realistically rendered Northern BC.  I devoured this book in under 24 hours, and unreservedly recommend it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Now Hiring: Contract Web Position

Pulpfiction Books is currently seeking an experienced web designer for a part-time contract position of between 40 and 50 hours of work, to be performed over the next month or month and a half. As far as we know, this is not a continuing position.

The job will involve updating our handmade webpage(s) under the guidance of senior staff, to improve their visual appearance, especially on mobile devices.  It will not involve designing pages from scratch.

Familiarity with HTML, CSS & image editing programs like Gimp and Photoshop is assumed.  Familiarity with Python, MYSQL, Google Adwords, or any combination thereof is a definite plus.

Most work to be performed @ PFB Main Street during regular business hours, ie., no late nights!

Compensation: $20/hr + staff discount on books.

Please submit a resume of relevant experience to, clearly marked, WEB POSITION.  Please do not submit a resume if you don't live in the Lower Mainland; if we can't meet you face-to-face on a daily or weekly basis, we'll be unable to consider you for this position.

Thanks for your interest, & we hope to hear from you soon!