Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Winter 2022: PFB is Hiring!

Pulpfiction Books, Vancouver’s legendary independent bookstore, seeks two or three mature, enthusiastic individuals to join us full time in calendar 2022, in response to an ongoing surge in business. These position(s) are new positions; they do not reflect turnover of existing staff and are meant to provide support for our current operations and for some exciting upcoming business expansions, of which news in due course. We are in no hurry to hire and are willing, if necessary, to spend months locating and hiring suitable & temperamentally kindred candidates. 

The successful candidates will: 

• Be comfortable taking on any role in the business, which might involve, on any given day, moving 100+ 40 lb. boxes; shelving or pricing books for an entire 8 hour shift; breaking down the cardboard recycling; working the cash desk; building shelves; cleaning; transferring stock between branches, etc. 

 • Work 40 hours per week. These are full time positions. Please do not apply if what you really want is a part time gig or side hustle; our unique and somewhat idiosyncratic business model doesn’t really do part-time, and we’re unable to consider candidates who’re unable to work 40 hours (5 weekly 8 hour shifts) a week

 • Not currently be attending college or university full time, or planning to within two or three years. We ask for a minimum 1 year commitment, and a longer period is strongly preferred. Almost all of our current staff have been with us for 5+ years! 

 • Be available for a variety of shifts, including mornings, evenings, and weekends at all three of our locations. A valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle is preferred but not required. 

• Possess good practical intelligence, and the ability to work quickly and multitask under pressure. The jobs involve a lot of physical and mental activity, and are best compared to fast-paced restaurant work. Those interested in standing behind a cash desk socializing and/or being paid to read will not be a good fit with us. There’s lots of physical activity, in an often cluttered and hectic environment. Those expecting a calm environment where job responsibilities don’t really change from day to day, or a white-collar office job that involves tranquil desk work & lots of time to write memos, develop org charts, etc. will also not be a good fit for these positions

• Be client-focused. Each time we hire we invariably interview folks who know lots about books, but very little about client service, and even less about sales. We can teach our retail systems to almost anyone, but can't teach empathy and good judgment, which are more elusive components of character, and highly prized around here. 

• Previous book-related experience is helpful but not required. Almost all of our current staff came to us with no previous bookselling experience of any kind. 

 • Have a wide familiarity with contemporary literary fiction and non-fiction. 

 • Already possess an undergraduate degree or equivalent work history. • Bring other skills and abilities to the table. Examples: social media (Twitter; Instagram); basic accounting and/or bookkeeping skills; carpentry; HTML; SQL, PHP & MYSQL coding experience, etc. 

We offer competitive compensation of $21-$26/hr depending on experience and specific job responsibilities, paid vacation in excess of what BC labor standards require, and a vibrant, entrepreneurial work environment. 

To apply for these positions, please forward a detailed resume to pulpbook@gmail.com. 

Please, NO phone calls, non-resume email queries, or walk-in requests for employment

We thank all applicants for your interest, but may not, depending on resume volume, be able to reply everyone.