Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Katherine Fawcett reads @ PFB Main Street

Please join Pemberton author Katherine Fawcett tomorrow night, Thursday June 25, from 7-9pm, as she reads from her debut collection of short fiction, The Little Washer of Sorrows.

Excellent review of the book over @ NPR:

"Fawcett lets her speculative side run wild. Like fellow fabulist Kelly Link — not to mention forebears such as Donald Barthleme — she finds fertile ground in the fuzzy territory between realism and surrealism. In 'BLK MGC,' a ripped-from-the-headlines pyramid scheme takes a left turn somewhere near The Twilight Zone; in 'The Anniversary Present,' an aging Mother Earth is addicted to beauty products while her husband, Father Time, has adulterous feelings for Sister Moon.

Domesticity plays as big a part in Fawcett's story as science fiction, fantasy, and mythology do. The tenderly combative interplay between the married couple in 'Lenny and the Polyamphibians' — which only intensifies when a mermaid enters into the equation — is poignantly layered, even as it sparks with snark. The couple in Little Washer's title story, on the other hand, are haunted by the most prosaic of monsters: Bankruptcy. As their estate manager begins to exhibit supernatural qualities, though, the balance of reality gets turned on its side."