Friday, June 10, 2011

Big 11th Anniversary Sale. TWO DAYS ONLY: June 11 & 12

We turned ten last year, and I promised we'd do something to celebrate and then promptly forgot about it due to the usual deluge of new and used books, overtly optimistic expansion plans, etc. etc.  So we're doing something for our 11th birthday instead.

Even though we are notorious for never having sales we're having one this weekend:

$200+ of books (new & used) = 50% off all used stock

That's like getting $100 of used books for free!  New books count toward the $200, but don't get any additional love.

The fine print: Saturday and Sunday only at both locations.  No trade slips, hold shelf items, gift certificates or half-assed "negotiation."  Dealers welcome if we already know and like you.  If we don't. . .

Oh, and we're also going to have a (free) barbecue sometime before the end of the summer.  Details forthcoming.

(And, just because someone will ask: 2011 is shaping up to be the busiest in our ten-years-and-counting history, and the image above has been carefully selected in the spirit of "playfully flaunted irony")