Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breaking News: Free Delivery; Extra Savings

Most paid-in-advance special orders from us are now 30% off Canadian cover price.  Ever feel like you had to buy something on-line, or from a corporate giant, because you suspected that buying local & independent was going to cost you more? That's a choice you no longer have to make.

What's more, if you order $100 or more of books from us at once, we'll deliver your books to your home or office, anywhere in the city of Vancouver, at no additional charge.

Q:  How do you guys make any money at this?

A:  By selling lots and lots of books, and by receiving an extra bit of margin from our favorite suppliers, based on the steadily increasing volume of our orders.

Q:  Phone orders?

A:  You bet.  Visa, MC, AmEx.  Or our wireless debit machine at your door, just like the pizza guy.

Q:  Can my friend in Nigeria order 500 copies of the new Steve Jobs bio?

A:  No.