Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spirit of Independence

Dear Vancouver,

Pulpfiction Books is not closing.  Our friends at Book Warehouse are, unfortunately, shutting down.  At least one media outlet has confused our two businesses, leading to 300+ emails in my inbox this morning, phone ringing off the hook, & etc.

Opinion has it that it's impossible to run an independent bookstore and compete with online businesses, e-reading, etc.  This has not been my experience.

Sales are solid at all three of our shops (2422 Main Street; 1830 Commercial; 3133 West Broadway), where we continue to sell, buy and trade books every day.

In the last year, we have systematically opened accounts with almost every new book publisher & distributor in North America.  We can now obtain virtually any in-print book in 2-7 working days, typically (but not always) at 30% off Canadian cover price.

If you've never visited us before, or haven't been in for a while, we'd be glad to see you. 

I have always wanted to create one of North America's best bookstores in Vancouver, something on the order of Seattle's Elliott Bay, or Portland's Powell's, or San Francisco's Green Apple.  Please join my staff and I as we build a Vancouver institution day-by-day.


Christopher Brayshaw
Owner, Pulpfiction Books